In March 1991, Tony commenced trading as Tony Yacono and Associates, which later became incorporated in July 1992.

Tony has well-developed process skills and does a considerable amount of consulting assignments in the following areas:

  1. Dealing with Senior teams;
  2. Encouraging teams to deal with issues hindering the progress and success of both the team and the organisation;
  3. Helping groups explore issues and understand each other;
  4. Assist teams in reaching agreement and obtaining commitment to actions and direction.

Tony is an experienced facilitator. It is vital to him that groups under his direction leave with their self-esteem intact. They will also leave with a feeling of achievement and a sense of direction and motivation.

Tony’s other strengths are in providing individual counselling to those who have received feedback regarding a need to change their “style.” Specific areas covered are:

  1. Helping them deal with feelings of self worth and doubt;
  2. Guiding them through the impact this may have;
  3. Providing direction;
  4. Helping them understand the feedback;
  5. Providing strategies for behavioural change.